Learn A Lesson from LA

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Learn A Lesson from LA

Wondering where I’ve been? Oh just getting the best education of a lifetime.  How about a few bullet points on what NOT to do in LA, some of these were learned the hard way some were learned before a disaster could occur you can decipher which is which 🙂


But just to put your mind at rest I DID NOT do the first one, I turned that pleasant opportunity down.


What Not to do in LA:

~ Don’t accept to be a designer’s “muse” even if they call you a dutchess and the most beautiful thing they’ve ever seen. I promise they’ll just annoy you in the future.

~Don’t believe every “director” is legitimate. Give as little personal contact information as possible and check their sources later. Ask what kind of camera and film they’re using before accepting a part that will look like garbage on screen because of poor quality film.

~ Don’t take sharp turns to the left into a driveway unless you want the headache of someone rear ending you and having to argue in traffic about whose fault it was though clearly YOU were rear ended and therefore NOT to blame.

~ Don’t stress out when you’re in East LA in your own driveway and you’re met with cops as you open your car door, and they ask you to face the house with your hands behind your back because they think you stole your car…it’s East LA it’s practically routine there.

~Don’t waste any time getting into your house when you see a helicopter circling your neighborhood and shining a spotlight in your backyard clearly looking for someone….again, it’s East LA.

~ Don’t live in East LA

~ Don’t be afraid of sushi, it’s the magic food that allows locals survive and models to stay thin.

I literally can’t imagine how anyone’s life here could be boring when you’re passionately pursuing your dreams and taking daily risks? No matter how slowly you “feel” things are moving, by the end of the day you still end up having the wildest most random stories to share. Let’s start from two weeks ago when I moved into my new BEAUTIFUL Spanish villa styled home. Complete with arched windows, doorways, and stone.  It’s the most stunningly lit up house during the day because of the INSANE amount of windows in every room. I also have been blessed to share it with a young married couple (one of whom happens to be my boss at the church and his wife is a successful model and actress) they’re also very talented photographers and have overextended themselves, with their unbelievable generosity in equipping me so I can perfect my art. I’m also fortunate to live with another stunning and talented actress/seamstress who has promised to tailor and remake anything I may need and we already feel like sisters. I couldn’t have dreamt of a more perfect family of friends to live with.

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