Arianna America is known for her outgoing, generous, and authentic personality. She was born number four of six kids in a musical traveling family band from Seattle, Washington. Arianna first started her theatrical career as baby Jesus in her family’s dramatization of the Christmas story. From there she was trained to sing, dance, play piano, and recite monologues, all the while wetting her appetite for the filming industry. Without access to regular television her parents really pushed the use of the imagination. Most of her childhood friends would be roped into playing roles with carefully thought out character analysis and plot lines described in detail, including what to say and what choices to make for the upcoming scene.

From age 7 she started learning piano and by age 13 she was teaching it. Regularly performing with her family and as an actress on local stages, Arianna continued her training throughout Highschool taking lead roles in both musical and straight shows such as “Good News” and “Matchmaker”, while traveling the world living in both Ireland and Israel to study. Still she wanted to continue growing her musical skills while staying fresh with her pursuit of acting, which brought her to a private music college in Kansas City MO, Forerunner Music Academy. From there she learned to lead her own band of musicians while recording and picking up other instruments such as guitar and drums.

Extremely driven and focused on what she wanted she took all her experiences and tiny savings, packed them into a suitcase and drove to Hollywood. Immediately diving into commercials and music videos which quickly expanded into short films and webseries. As a girl her Father told her she would be a “World-Changer”, with no doubt she has taken that responsibility and dedicated herself to bring her craft as a captivating and emotionally gripping actress to LA, inspiring and provoking others to follow their passion and change their world.