Arianna America has been an actress, performer, musician, and artist for most of her life starting from the age of 7. Known for her wide range of leading characters; such as likeable villain Emilia Harrington in “Pride & Prejudice, Cut”, ‘Patsy’ the desperate young mother in the drama series “The Woman Who Would Not Starve”, the commanding corporate shark ‘Debra Olsen’ in the “Modern Man”, or the hilariously innocent Erin from “That Cookie Smell”. She has worked with stunt coordinators to do her own stunts in domestic fights and combat scenes, as well as trained with rifle and automatic weapon safety and handling with stunt coordinator/soldier Christian Brunetti.

Her album “The Arc of Conversation” has inspired many songwriters and composers with its unique cache of genres incorporated by her quality and wide range voice. She has a choreography and gymnastics background aswell as an esteemed fitness coach. Her acting teacher; critically acclaimed actress Diane Venora recommended her to The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA) in London for their summer program, where Arianna progressed in her skills in both “Shakespeare, improv, physical theatre, Patsy Rodenburg’s Second Circle and voice work, text analysis and viewpoints.” She has worked with on-camera coach Craig Campobasso, vocal coach Jacqueline Wilson, and is a pianist with 20 years of experience.