Fall Baby

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Fall Baby

“Don’t you love NY in the Fall?” Me too! Too bad I live in the eternal summer side of the country 🙁 Actually, that quote is from one of my Top 10 favorite movies “You’ve Got Mail”.  That movie is right on up there with The Scarlet Pimpernel, Patriot, Emma, Emperor’s New Groove, The 100 Foot Journey, Gladiator, Little Women, LOTR (includes the Hobbit trilogy), Pride & Prejudice, & Star Wars. Wow I don’t know if I’m well rounded or just bi-polar looking at that list.

Well, seeing as it is Fall that means it’s time.  Time for a harvest party of apple cider, pumpkin carving, and pumpkin cookies because it’s MY BIRTHDAY! You’re all invited to write a chant, and “Ode to Arianna”, write me a poem, or buy me something pretty/tastes good lol I kind of love pumpkin ANYTHING so this the season I take advantage of that and force everyone else to love it as well 😉

Also because it’s my birthday I’m convinced it’s a dramatically more magical day than any other day of the year. Therefore I will be releasing a cover song I did with my friend Dom Liberati to all you wonderful people! It’s a magic kind of day so I thought “I’ll give the world something so I can be with them on this special day WHEREVER they are!” Have a listen, in your car, your headphones, your home stereo, work (and if that’s the case I’m sorry the world hasn’t recognized this day as a holiday yet, I’m working on that), in your shower, actually scratch that. Don’t listen to me while you’re in the shower that’s weird. Click the link below for the song! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, THIS IS FOR YOU! 🙂 More:

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Making More Movies!

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Making More Movies!

WELCOME SUMMER!! You couldn’t have come any sooner! I’m gearing up to take my first real holiday vacation in eight months. As usual, I’ll give you the low-down the skinny, the dish if you will on what’s been happening since my last update 🙂Light A Match Productions

Starting in January I embarked on a new venture with about fifteen other movie makers and we started a production company! To follow our films and read our bios you can visit  Basically we set out to write, shoot, and produce a short film every month, taking a couple months off for summer, and releasing them to the public and eventually doing features. We each put at least three positions we would be willing to film if our first choice wasn’t available. I’ve now worked as a 1AD (first assistant Director), Costume/Wardrobe/set design, and I’ve acted in two of our films so far. Our first film “That Cookie Smell” can be found on the website and on my reels take a look! I warn you, it’s cleverly written and you may want to watch it a couple times because it’s easy to miss small clues to the plot. The second time I was cast in a role for a young seemingly innocent southern girl. I won’t give any spoilers but it’s called “Eat the Parents”….I may have spoiled it 😉 If you can believe it my characters these days often start off as the sweet simple type that end up being master manipulative villains, I don’t know how comfortable I am with this lol

So the scoop, well I’ve finished The Modern Man it’s HOPEFULLY out by end of summer early fall but of course I’ll let you all know. It was an incredible shoot. There’s nothing like being on set it’s freezing (for LA that is. Hey it RAINED!) and you’re supposed to strip down to your hot shorts and t-shirt and pretend like you’re perfectly comfortable. It was definitely one of the most complicated roles I’ve had to play in some ways, because my character goes through a huge progression of emotions in a short amount of time. This is always the challenge of any actor is developing a character in often an hour or less of film time with a storyline of a person that should have lived a lifetime worth of experiences.  I was working with and when they approached me about the role and expressed what their purpose as a film company was I eagerly accepted and began diving into my character. The storyline, you’ll hopefully see for yourselves, follows the sacrifices and conquests when we pursue success” at the cost of everything.

  Watching the bar scene from “The Modern Man”

The Modern Man

I was just contemplating yesterday how strange it is that I have regular photoshoots throughout the year and all these pictures of myself. WHO DOES THAT?! I really have a strange job the more I think about it. I have to show pictures of myself to perfect strangers that make me look extremely attractive or “interesting” or “different” because those are good things in the industry LOL

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to never take another picture or film another movie or dress up for another red carpet. I think people get so caught up in those things and find it normal when in reality, NOBODY in the real world tries to make a red carpet event on the weekends. Most of the time we’re trying to get the laundry done that piled up over the past week and maybe get a Costco shopping trip in. It’s not even in our general scope to have dinner with Owen Wilson, or the watch a hockey game with the owner of Paramount Pictures, or enjoy the company of the Blindside cast. But the funny thing is if you didn’t know who they were they would blend completely in with the crowd and you wouldn’t be nervous at all to start up conversations, ask to hang out again, or take goofy selfies together. As it is however, most people outside this city would definitely feel that way. I just want to remind you that your life is JUST as significant whether more people know your name, where your mansion is, or how much you made from your last blockbuster. Privacy is a luxury here and real friends are even scarcer. I was hanging out with a friend of mine who’s one of the lead characters on the show Graceland and we had him over for dinner and he was saying how he knew we were his true friends because we’ve always supported him even before his fame. It was kind of a sad realization because he had received so many calls after he made it to the show to hang out, get together, and saying how they missed him when he hadn’t spoken to any of them in ages before now.

All that to say, thank you to all of YOU who have supported me and loved me for who I am and not my occupation from the beginning. I truly, TRULY have valued all your prayers, letters, and encouragements along the way you’re amazing!

Also I want you guys to be the first to know I am releasing a single in my next post so keep checking in! Thanks for reading xox

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Coincidence, Ripple Effects, & Fortuitous Fails

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Coincidence, Ripple Effects, & Fortuitous Fails

What a fun holiday season we’re having! Feeling VERY thankful for my many blessings as I bought my first Christmas tree (since I will be staying in LA for Christmas I felt it was an absolute MUST on the budget list) and have made a few different holiday arrangements to spice up the home.  Not to mention I have baked more desserts in the last 30 days then I have all year! It started with a small pumpkin craze addiction and then moved onto holiday cookies and cakes. Don’t worry I have had a pretty good work out routine to counter act the damage lol

Onto the real news. One of my favorite projects I played the lead on was for a music video with an extremely talented artist, Dom Liberati, The music video should be out hopefully by the end of the year. It’s called “Goodbye Summer.” I played ‘Summer’ get the idea? 🙂 It was a total unexpected answer to prayer because after becoming fast friends he introduced me to his manager at one of his shows a few weeks later. His manager and I met to talk about him managing me soon afterwards and we’ve been working together ever since!

Before I share these next two stories I just want to preface them with this. “You never know what past encounters can effect a future opportunity.”

This has never been more significantly true after working on TWO projects with TWO people I worked with after the first couple months of living in LA. I’ll talk about one for now.

I worked with a friend of a friend when I first moved out here on a student project called “Solo Dale Gloria” and I was ‘Gloria’. The writer and I on that project then became friends which later led to him being roommates with my brother….long story. And this last month he was working on his first independent film that he wrote and directed. He asked me to play the lead female character which ended up being a really enjoyable experience. I played opposite an Armenian man and we both were parents to a young teenage son who was struggling with his identity of being half Armenian and half American. SIDE NOT: One of the best parts about being an actress is all the history and present day facts you learn about cultures, habits, prejudices, etc. And your job is to study them and ask questions. What could be more fun then that right? So that project was a fun full circle experience.  We’ll have a screening in February I’ll let you know how it goes.

If you have followed my fan page You would have seen that I was working on a webseries called “Dreamers”. The project was on hiatus for a long time because there were some serious differences of opinions between the director and producer. I thought the series was lost because it was supposed to be filmed early fall and they hadn’t reached out to us at all. By now I’ve learned not to hold onto anything until I see a paycheck. Nothing is ever finalized until you see it in your bank account. Even then sometimes they never release the project! However in this case I got a call from the director that after almost 6 months, it was back on. And since certain peoples had been taken off the project they decided they wanted to give me more screen time, strange how things sometimes work out for the better. The project should also Taft Hartley me which means I will be eligible for SAG and can therefore work on Blockbusters sooner than later. Of course this is all still in the works and “you never know” what will happen. If at first you don’t succeed! I let you know in my next blog how it progresses fingers crossed!

Oh, that’s right I promised to tell you a few celebrity encounters because that’s what really excites you guys isn’t it lol

Well I served Larry King at the Cheesecake Factory. Between you and me he’s one of the frailest smallest men I’ve ever encountered. I don’t think he even touched his sandwich. He looks much different in person. That desk really covered up a lot. He was sharing lunch with family I believe. He seemed very reserved and polite,  I get the feeling he’s a little bored, I can imagine after interviewing everyone in the world that there was to interview.

I’ve also run into Josh Dallas Who plays Prince Charming on “Once Upon A Time” We’ve actually seen eachother several times and usually have a couple of witty banters back and forth mostly making fun of him of course lol He definitely lives up to his charming role and you can tell he’s very down to earth and has been raised with a good head on his shoulders. I appreciated his warm personality and the fact that we talked like we were old friends.

Let’s see…Oh I ran into Jeremy Renner Though that doesn’t really count to me because I didn’t really have a conversation with him more of an awkward meeting in the Target elevator and then second run-in in an aisle. I like to avoid these types of encounters mostly because I don’t want to be remembered as the girl they bumped into at the grocery store before they remember me as the girl who starred in “_____” but it’s still funny how tiny this city is.

One of my favorite celebrities that I enjoyed running into was Kate Beckinsale. This was likely because she was as genuine off camera as I expected her to be on camera. She’s very relaxed and we shared a couple laughs. It’s fun chatting with a woman who is so tied to her own home country of Great Britain that she still doesn’t possess a driver’s license here in the US.  She’s very quick and intelligent and fairly easy to talk to once she lets her guard down a little bit. I can’t imagine the way most of these stars have to run from paparazzi on a routine basis. Privacy is a luxury.

Until next time!

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Time will Tell

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Time will Tell

Wow what a crazy few months it’s been here in the bustled state of California. More than anything I’ve realized how fast time goes by. After awhile you forget when you got here. I literally had a dream that I missed my two year anniversary of moving here. Don’t worry it was only a dream it’ll be two years in August. The other thing that passes you by quickly is groups of friends. For a girl who’s kept childhood friends from infancy to the present it’s foreign for me this idea of waves of different groups of friends. The traffic really plays the role of the enemy in relationships. Even though it takes a half hour to get ANYWHERE, you never get used to it. The grocery store down the block seems might as well be Timbuktu after a long day in the car to and from a gig. When you work a regular job on the side, so you can pay your monthly bills and acting workshops/classes, you begin to realize how precious your hours of the day really are. The past month for example I sadly came to realize I spend about 70% of my time OUTSIDE of my house. Mondays, I play volleyball, Tuesdays Bible study, Wednesdays friends days, Thursdays babysitting, and the weekends I’m always travelling for some such film project or work out class or community. You HAVE to fight for community here. In Kansas City it was simple. All the community you needed was in a 3 mile radius because it centered around a common church. I don’t really know what I’m writing about now other than some struggles I’ve had to battle since moving here that I think it’s important for people to realize. Relationship takes work, more specifically it takes sacrifice. This place is chalk FULL of people. TOO many people. Yet to find people who are similar and like-minded, generous, sacrificing, and humble, you are going to have to do a little investigating. I was lucky enough to spend over a year with my best friends in one house, but sometimes changes happen that no one expects.

I’m currently in Korea town close by are the following qualities: Paramount Studios, the 101 FWY (It’s BEYOND huge to live near enough a freeway entrance, it cuts the travel time to anywhere in HALF), phenomenal Korean BBQ, Cheap shopping, cheap gas, and cheap rent. It’s also closer to Hollywood and all my auditions so it has been a blessing even though it came at the high price of leaving my safe comfortable home in lower Beverly Hills area.

This is mostly a random excerpt of something I’ve now seen first hand and have learned after being here over a year regarding authenticity and behavior in this industry for myself and in others. How to navigate past the first glance of a producer and get them to see something useable and desirable without coming across as unoriginal or fake.

I was auditioning for UFC Gym which just bought out a chain of gyms and they wanted to run a commercial on it. Let me just tell you from experience. You think those commercials are staged men and women put in poses and hosed down with water right? Wrong! I did a commercial for Reebok and it was the most exhausting ten hour WORK-OUT I have ever done. I guess that’s not actually a fair scale considering I’ve never work out for ten hours straight before so I couldn’t really judge it whatever…The next day I looked like I’d had a bad encounter with a bicycle seat and in turn couldn’t sit for days. Anyway, back to the audition…

From the moment I walked in I knew this wasn’t going to be your average fitness model audition. Some of these girls could wring their CLOTHES out on their chiseled abs. It’s fascinating to see the obvious differences in casting choices, I was in a room where there was literally, one of everything. All ethnicities, all ranges of physique, we even had some kids which was the most surprising. There were definitely a couple of those Beverly Hills Moms, with their Gucci purses and wallets, fresh manicure, and their hair all did 😉 and their kids were models after them. They had their hair extensions and manicures, make-up that aged them five years and booty shorts with sports bras on. This isn’t even an exaggeration. This one mother daughter combo was especially interesting to watch as the 14 year old something was sharing all the gossip to her 40 something mother who seemed more enthralled with her phone than the topic yet she still inquired on all the names so as to be in the know. Before I came to LA I had gone to a talent competition where all ages were spotted than picked to be a part of this company that put on a show for casting directors. There were a bunch of starry-eyed kids paying all this money to have glam shots, new wardrobe, new hair etc…and they ended up being dolled up and not given any serious advice on how the business works. Speaking of advice let me start with the most basic:

Here’s what a headshot does: It opens the first door.

You can make major mistakes with a headshot first off. It’s important to A. Not look like a Barbie/glam photo and B. Not look like a yearbook photo. Both are subtle differences that you need to keep a very keen eye out for. I can give you perfect examples in my own history of photos.









Stop you’re embarrassing me 😉 Ok so glamorous but not place-able. A Headshot needs to draw you in by standing out, while at the same time being versatile enough to see you as anything. Easy right? Wrong! This is where you have to lay aside vanity and look at adaptability. This goes the same for hair color options as well. As a blonde I was usually going for the typical blonde roles, because as you can SEE I wasn’t just blonde I was BRIGHT BLONDE. This is fine if you want to be those roles but for someone like me who wants to use a wider range of skills than the average I decided to make a switch just for now so they can see I actually do both.

Ok next blog post I’ll share some fun stories about recent run-ins and interactions that yes you will all be surprised at. Stay tuned!

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Tricks of the Trade

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Tricks of the Trade

Hello world!

I could start this post by apologizing for not updating you all more…But I’m not going to 🙂

Much has happened in these months of living, surviving, and fighting this city. It’s not exactly a gentle place, though it seems all sunshine and no clouds. Los Angeles has a very strong way of making one feel at ease, welcomed, and a part of something, though in reality, each person you pass is as vague a figure as the smog that hovers above them. I’ve realized after a year of living here the majority of passer byers are as empty and misguided as the befuddled six year old that dreams of being a police man or teacher but has no clue of the labor intensive work it takes to get there. For others it’s a challenge that pumps the very blood from their hearts to their veins to make the rest of their systems work and brings energy to the core of their being. For those people, Hollywood is a mark. It’s a podium they win medals on, a stamp in their passports, a trophy for themselves and their loved ones, it’s the opportunity to sever themselves from the decrees of the doubters and cynics in their lives.

For me, it’s a boat house. The rules of this place are always changing. It’s like turning tides. Sometimes you’re up on a really big wave, auditioning three times a week for major companies, serving Larry King and his family, meeting and trying to encourage Helen Hunt in a chance encounter, having a party at the producer of Narnia’s house and swapping stories with a cast member, or auditioning for movies that could have major potential. Nothing is certain you never know how deep the water is that you’re getting into. Some pilots can be as shallow as the kitty pool and go no further than their tiny classroom audience. But the director you worked with could end up being a golden globe winner of “best picture of the year” ten years from now. So as much as we want to put down our smaller jobs, you really have no idea how far that wave will take you in the future. Sometimes the water seems quiet and there’s no wind in our sails, i.e. no work but there’s so much to be said for past networking jobs. There’s lots to remember when you get into that lulled place. 1. It only lasts as long as you let it. There’s ALWAYS work to be found and if not found CREATED. Actors can always improve their resumes, reels, etc by writing themselves work, kind of a cheating tip but it’s actually perfectly acceptable and wise. 2. Your look and talent is always useable in someone’s project. All types, shapes, sizes, and personalities are needed to make a piece of work realistic. 3. If you’re here don’t waste your time. Go out and do something fun and enjoyable. Get to know your city. The worst thing you could do would be to get stuck doing nothing because you aren’t being handed your every job.

Remember when I talked about changing rules? Well here’s a few that are important to remember NOTE: not in order of importance

  1. Never offer to shake hands with a director unless they put their hand out first. They’ve seen a lot of people and they don’t enjoy that much contact since they don’t know you from Adam and don’t know if you’re hygienic or not. Would you like it? I don’t think so.
  2. If you’re auditioning for a serious piece of drama don’t smile so much. They’ll get your big grin stuck in their memories (because a smile stands out as it should but…) they’ll think you’re too happy for the part and we definitely don’t want that. You have to decide what you’re going to do. Sometimes it works best to be really friendly and smile at the beginning, audition with your serious piece, then leave them with your audition so the last thing they remember was your character. But sometimes it’s good to come in strong do your strong piece and then shock them with a super positive joyful personality at the end so they see what an extreme actor/actress you can be. This is coming from the girl that literally laughs all the time at pretty much everything. Ask anyone. But I just had to realize once I book the job I can drive them crazy with my bubbly, outgoing, goofy personality later…..after they start paying me and they’re stuck 😉
  3. When they say thank you don’t thank them back it sounds like you’re brown nosing. Say something that shows you’re appreciate the audition opportunity like, “what a great project, have a good day” or “It was a pleasure” or “I appreciate your work” it’s ok to do some research on them (if there’s any to be had) but don’t go overboard. Artists/directors like to be appreciated for their past works and flattered but they don’t like a kiss up. Ok SOME of them really do but don’t do it until AFTER they already hired you….it’s about playing the game, WINNING the game, then you can be whoever you are. BUT be who they want you to be first, that’s what actors do. We are paid to be someone else. They do care about you and will enjoy you when you’re working on the sets with them for ten hours a day but, they’re hiring you because they think you play someone else better than anyone else could play that someone. Makes senese? Good! Moving on.
  4. Wear the right wardrobe! If they’re asking for a soccer mom, don’t wear that teenager/highschool look you used for last week’s audition to try to look young and attractive, wear something that shows you have style but you’re not going to a cocktail party. I typically wear my hair down because it’s generic and they know what they can work with and a nice pair of trousers typically jean, with a nice top. Not a t-shirt, not a blouse, but something that is simple, bold, not print, and heels. Girls should always wear heels because it elongates their legs. This advice however did NOT apply when I went to my Reebok audition. Wear sneakers please ladies and gentleman if you’re trying out for athletic commercials.
  5. Don’t wear fragrances unless you absolutely stink lol Deodorant a must, but colognes and perfumes can set off an allergy or irritation and you do not want to be remembered as the person that they hated your smelly fragrances. Just be clean and brush your teeth or chew a mint. DON’T chew gum or leave a mint in your mouth where it’ll distract you as you speak.
  6. Don’t stress out about it! You got this and remember to totally pep talk yourself if you are nervous in anyway. If you can’t be positive about yourself and how amazing you and your gift as an entertainer is, you better work on that first before you try to sell something you don’t believe in. As odd as it sounds, WE are the product! We ARE selling ourselves as something to get excited about, love, and enjoy watching, so don’t be insecure about it. If you are unsatisfied with yourself it makes your job 100 times harder to satisfy others.

We have a tough job as entertainers. We are made to sell people on loving us (if we’re the heroes) or selling them on hating us (as villains). It’s a risky intimate business but I was just telling someone the other day that I love that while others are training their entire lives to run marathons, be Olympic gymnasts, professional baseball players, golfers, Rolling Stones musicians, I can just PLAY them! And I don’t have to spend my whole life working out at being the best at one thing. I get to be whatever I want to! It’s a privilege and a blessing no matter how hard it is to get there. There is nothing more rewarding then loving people through your talents and showing them that there’s so much joy in sharing what you’ve been given. The ship will come to port whether you control the speed it takes to get there I promise. Everyone’s port just looks different and some don’t look like you imagined but it’s where you’re supposed to be.

Hope these few practical tips were helpful! Blessings friends! 

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Learn A Lesson from LA

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Learn A Lesson from LA

Wondering where I’ve been? Oh just getting the best education of a lifetime.  How about a few bullet points on what NOT to do in LA, some of these were learned the hard way some were learned before a disaster could occur you can decipher which is which 🙂


But just to put your mind at rest I DID NOT do the first one, I turned that pleasant opportunity down.


What Not to do in LA:

~ Don’t accept to be a designer’s “muse” even if they call you a dutchess and the most beautiful thing they’ve ever seen. I promise they’ll just annoy you in the future.

~Don’t believe every “director” is legitimate. Give as little personal contact information as possible and check their sources later. Ask what kind of camera and film they’re using before accepting a part that will look like garbage on screen because of poor quality film.

~ Don’t take sharp turns to the left into a driveway unless you want the headache of someone rear ending you and having to argue in traffic about whose fault it was though clearly YOU were rear ended and therefore NOT to blame.

~ Don’t stress out when you’re in East LA in your own driveway and you’re met with cops as you open your car door, and they ask you to face the house with your hands behind your back because they think you stole your car…it’s East LA it’s practically routine there.

~Don’t waste any time getting into your house when you see a helicopter circling your neighborhood and shining a spotlight in your backyard clearly looking for someone….again, it’s East LA.

~ Don’t live in East LA

~ Don’t be afraid of sushi, it’s the magic food that allows locals survive and models to stay thin.

I literally can’t imagine how anyone’s life here could be boring when you’re passionately pursuing your dreams and taking daily risks? No matter how slowly you “feel” things are moving, by the end of the day you still end up having the wildest most random stories to share. Let’s start from two weeks ago when I moved into my new BEAUTIFUL Spanish villa styled home. Complete with arched windows, doorways, and stone.  It’s the most stunningly lit up house during the day because of the INSANE amount of windows in every room. I also have been blessed to share it with a young married couple (one of whom happens to be my boss at the church and his wife is a successful model and actress) they’re also very talented photographers and have overextended themselves, with their unbelievable generosity in equipping me so I can perfect my art. I’m also fortunate to live with another stunning and talented actress/seamstress who has promised to tailor and remake anything I may need and we already feel like sisters. I couldn’t have dreamt of a more perfect family of friends to live with.

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