Fall Baby

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Fall Baby

“Don’t you love NY in the Fall?” Me too! Too bad I live in the eternal summer side of the country 🙁 Actually, that quote is from one of my Top 10 favorite movies “You’ve Got Mail”.  That movie is right on up there with The Scarlet Pimpernel, Patriot, Emma, Emperor’s New Groove, The 100 Foot Journey, Gladiator, Little Women, LOTR (includes the Hobbit trilogy), Pride & Prejudice, & Star Wars. Wow I don’t know if I’m well rounded or just bi-polar looking at that list.

Well, seeing as it is Fall that means it’s time.  Time for a harvest party of apple cider, pumpkin carving, and pumpkin cookies because it’s MY BIRTHDAY! You’re all invited to write a chant, and “Ode to Arianna”, write me a poem, or buy me something pretty/tastes good lol I kind of love pumpkin ANYTHING so this the season I take advantage of that and force everyone else to love it as well 😉

Also because it’s my birthday I’m convinced it’s a dramatically more magical day than any other day of the year. Therefore I will be releasing a cover song I did with my friend Dom Liberati to all you wonderful people! It’s a magic kind of day so I thought “I’ll give the world something so I can be with them on this special day WHEREVER they are!” Have a listen, in your car, your headphones, your home stereo, work (and if that’s the case I’m sorry the world hasn’t recognized this day as a holiday yet, I’m working on that), in your shower, actually scratch that. Don’t listen to me while you’re in the shower that’s weird. Click the link below for the song! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, THIS IS FOR YOU! 🙂

https://soundcloud.com/ariannamerica/tracksView More: http://dex31.pass.us/ari-in-malibu

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  1. Beautiful Ari! Just beautiful 🙂

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