Hello Hollywood!

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Hello Hollywood!

I have finally arrived to the much-anticipated destination of Sunny California! After a grueling 24 hour drive it’s a relief to be here. As expected the stars and celebrities have all welcomed me in with open arms and they’ve already saved me a star on Hollywood Blvd with great expectations for my success…SO thoughtful


lol Actually, it has a been a busy few days since I arrived. Mostly because nothing has gone totally according to plan, which makes the adventure that much more exciting! My house in lower Beverly Hills isn’t going to be ready to receive me till Oct 1st so I’m staying with some friends in East LA which happens to resemble little Mexico, weirdest city ever. Every night there are at least two, I call them screamers, who shout out ”TAMALES!” and the other is selling, “LA MAIZE!” which if anyone has seen Nacho Libre know that they sell corn with this fascinating butter paprika slathered all over it. They do this at eleven PM! Earplugs are a necessity. I have been overwhelming myself with all the details and resume work it takes to promote oneself before you can go to any casting calls. I expect it’s going to take at least another week or two before I am prepared to jump into the ocean of the film and modeling industry, but I’m excited to begin!


Thus far, LA has been very welcoming which is a relief to a small town girl like myself who’s used to the luxury of having access to close friends at any time. There really is MORE than enough to do around here to distract and keep one busy. I can drive twenty minutes anywhere and get lost in a plethora of activities. Today I’m exploring the Long Beach coast, probably read a passage or two by the water and catch some California rays. I will partner this while watching dogs get pushed in their dog strollers (not even joking I saw it last night) and children being unleashed to play in the water. There are parts of the beach just for dogs who are partially worshipped as gods among animals, which means I need to get one immediately if I want to be a part of this culture.


If all goes well castings and auditions should start soon. I’ll keep you posted!

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